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As we’ve added 4 locations over the years, we have also added even more experienced and helpful associates. At Fraser’s, we make our best effort to meet the customer’s need to work with and rely on associates that not only have the expertise in an area, but also associates that truly show the enthusiasm and want to make your project flow as smooth as possible. From our professional sales team to our knowledgeable buyers, we are confident you will receive the courteous and helpful attention so deserving of each of our customers!
Our Delivery Fleet Delivers to your site on time! At Fraser’s we boast the largest delivery fleet in the Annapolis Valley! From covered trucks to our amazing Moffit Mounty’s, our drivers are constantly delivering all the materials you need for your project on time, when you have asked for them! And, if you have ever needed heavy materials to be delivered to a specific spot on a job site, then you will love what our drivers with boom trucks and Moffit Mounty can do to make your job so much easier! We can do most of the heavy lifting so all you have to do is use the materials! Need an installer? We are happy to put you in contact with a professional contractor or trades person. In House Account. Fraser's is committed to allowing you to focus on building your project by offering In House Accounts. For either a Personal Credit Application and Commercial Credit Application.  Read more on the In House account page